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Chimera Scripts

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The only page dedicated to the upcoming science fiction blockbuster Chimera. A movie created by two brothers Christopher and Wayne Miller, who has no formal training in art of screenwriting and never have sold a script in their lives.

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If you want to know why then contact Edward Goemans about this outrage. They said it's the "project" they're looking for a the moment. We must get CHIMERA make. Join me, contact Edward Goemans and demand CHIMERA!

Edward Goemans
(323) 956-5000


It starts as a series of bizarre and brutal murders in the small town of Bellerophon. First the local Moon shiner Zeke's disembodied head was found and what's left of his remains appeared to be eaten by a large lion. A lion print is found at the scene. Next to fall is local hunter Jack Reynolds and his old hunting dog Bo is the next to fall. Following up on the clues leads local Sheriff Milo Johnson to a strange research company called Mythigon.

The head of Mythigon is a strange British Scientist named Doctor Ethan Loki, once a professor of Mythology at Oxford. His past is shrouded in mystery. Milo and his well-endowed deputy put the pieces of the puzzle together and learns that what killed those people couldn't possibly exist, a Chimera.

But as the army soldiers sent to recapture it find out that is myth given flesh is more powerful then they could possibly imagine. A blast blows off the Chimera's head and a second later the head re-grows. What madness gives him that power? What is the connection between Loki and the mysterious disappearance of a young boy way back in 1947? What is the truth behind the Nazi death camps and who is Fritz Von Keller? How is this fifty-year-old mystery connected to Loki and the Chimera? Watch and find out.

To learn more you must read the whole script. Which can be found at the Berzon Agency at 1 (949) 631-5936 or FAX 1 (949) 631-688. Call them and ask for Mark and mention either Chimera or Christopher Miller. He will know what you want. This movie is copyright protected.